American silver half dollar coin ring. A fascinatingly mesmerizing, truly unique wedding band engagement ring

So maybe you have seen an American half dollar coin ring, there are loads of very talented craftsmen and women out there making them. Here at EireEcoRings we, as always wanted to be different so we decided design and create a custom ring that would look simply amazing as a wedding or engagement ring not just a costume ring.

We put our heads together and came up with designs that are totally unique to EireEcoRings by combining recycled silver along with what nature may offer, the possibilities are endless.

Always keeping our goal in mind “Eco friendly” we always use American JFK 90% silver half dollars that have been in circulation, so we know we are “repurposing” a coin for a ring. The inside of the coin ring will have the wording “-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Half Dollar”.  The ring is highly polished inside and the edges smooth they are flat fitting, still a snug and comfortable fit but not “comfort fit”.

We have many different variations of design again using recycled repurposed materials:

  • A wide range of zodiac birthstones
  • Connemara marble
  • Wicklow granite
  • 5000-year-old Irish bog Oak
  • Vibrant, warm recycled Irish whisky barrel wood
  • Purple heart wood
  • Ethical sourced Irish deer antler
  • And of course, custom work

And what’s more we also offer a free peace of mind 12-month Guarantee and refurbishment service.