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My name is Andy, I live and work in Ireland. Back in 2014 I had been on social welfare payments for 2 years having worked most of my adult life beginning at the age of 13. Believe me when I say I was only just surviving not living, I had absolutely nothing. I found it very hard to adjust, I was constantly on edge, down in the dumps and demoralized. Hard as I tried I could not get a job anywhere like most unemployed people during the recession times.

In the beginning I used to spend hours upon hours in my small wooden shed making stuff, anything just to keep myself sane. Come to think of it, now that I am putting my thoughts down on paper, I realize I was also hiding in the shed trying to block out and forget, not have to look at the amassing pile of red letters sitting on the sideboard that kept on coming from various financial institutions.

So, there I was with an Idea which I believed one day would make me some money. The only problem was I had no equipment, nothing I could use to begin making my prototypes, I had no cash to buy equipment, so what’s the point annoying myself even more. Yep! Because I was so negative to begin with I just built the walls before me even higher, I looked out for and hung on to all the negatives, I gave myself every excuse not to give it a go. It took me a while for the penny to drop, I should have been looking for the positives, look for reasons why it will work to encourage myself.

Here’s is a small example of what I eventually did in my case, I wrote down the negatives which I then convinced myself could be positives.

I have no money = Give it a try and I could have some money

I have no equipment = Borrow or make something

I don’t have the time = Come on what else would I be doing

I don’t know where to start = Don’t be afraid to ask for help

What if I fail = You will never know if you don’t try

Now positive and full of enthusiasm, I jumped straight in. I knew I would have to make some type of equipment to get started. I had an old computer that would take an age to load a page, as a matter of fact I still have it today perched on a shelf in my work shop as a little reminder to myself when I am having a day where things are no going quite so well. I used that old clapped out computer to search the web for inspiration. On YouTube I found a way to make a lathe out of an old drill so I made one, I made lathe woodwork chisels out of some old screwdrivers I had and so my journey began.

Fast forward to today in 2017 I am now in a better place, I am in total control of my life and finances, thanks to some generous encouragement from one or two close friends. I would love nothing better now than be able to share with you how I turned my life around.  No gimmicks you can choose to stay or go at any time. I want to share how I turned my hobby into a home base business that makes money. I make handmade Irish crafts to sell, I turned my hobby into gift ideas to sell online and now fill 100's of orders every month worldwide. “What is my business?” I am the owner of EireEcoRings , you can check me out if you like at www.eireecorings.com or just search  Google for “eireecorings”

I can definitely vouch that in business when starting out alone there are more failures than success “ if ever there was a flagship for failure it was me, in the beginning” I believe in business while starting out everybody deserves a second chance and sometimes a third,  with no help and too many failures you will throw the towel in and quit, therefore I have stepped forward to share with you all the information I have gathered along the way “no stone unturned”

The one thing I can't do is guarantee you will succeed but there is no reason why not to with hard work and determination and with the information I will give you. The good news is what I will share you will go a long way to help you get started, which is a luxury I did not have “I had to learn the hard knock way”.

Some of the information I will pass on, you probably may already know but I guarantee you will find more great information you did not know..

Things you must do to have a Successful Online Craft Business

There is so much preparation that goes into starting up a successful online craft business. What I hope to do is save you some time. The road is long but hopefully one day, like me, you will sit back and see that you have realized your dream for both you and your family. Success means financial freedom. By reaching out and sharing my knowledge I hope to give you a big push and offer the encouragement you need to get started. 

"Work hard at your goals and make it happen”.

Whether it’s a craft or hobby idea you want to turn into a business test it out first.

Believe it or not I worked a solid year on my Idea before I considered putting it up for sale “there are few legal things you need to do before selling though, "I will come to that later”. Before anything else you need to get feedback on your idea or product. No sense putting it out there for sale and having to back track after receiving feedback and you discover you need to tweak one or two things here and there, have your product at 100% the way you want it before you start looking for sales, this will save you a vast amount of time.

Show your product to people, take notes of feedback. Ask about touch, feel, look, value for money, what they think is unique about your product, what would they change perhaps. Believe me if I am anything to go by your head will swell with ideas and changes it’s an uplifting feeling. Show you product firstly to family and friends, although it may not be the best feedback “because they may not want to hurt your feelings” it’s a start. It will help you grow confidence to be able to chat to strangers about your product.

Be open to critique and open to change.

As your business grows so will your work load, so you will need to work smart utilizing every minute every hour you put into your business to the max. Once you are up and selling take any criticism as a positive, make changes if needs be to grow your business. Take an hour or two each day to research online. Use the web to see if anybody else has the same product Idea. If you find similar it’s a great starting point. Check how long they have been selling for, the longer the better for you in so far as getting an idea of costing your product for profit. If someone is selling for a long time there must be profit in it for them, now all you want a slice of the action.

Make you product unique and stand out from all the rest.

You will either have a truly unique product yourself or you need to make the product you have unique to you”. 


Research, research and research even more, “I will share the info on how and where to research later”. When you do research and if you do find a similar product you now need to think of how you can tweak your product to make it totally unique and stand out from the competition. If you have found a lot of people selling a similar product don’t despair you will find a way to make your idea better thus cornering your own niche part of the market. Take me for example if you search for “coin rings” on google search bar there are 100's of 1000's of results to be found, but sill I managed to design and create a coin ring like nobody has ever seen its total unique to my company “a mind-boggling task but I did it” and so can you with a little imagination.

Work on it every day – but be patient 

“Remember it’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish”

You have done all the research, explored your avenues, all you must do now is believe in yourself and your work and get it to market.

There are many ways to sell handmade crafts like at: 

weekend market stalls: a limited selling window mostly weekends “but a great start out because you can gather feedback while face to face selling”. 

Selling directly to stores: A limited profit margins and usually 90-day credit expected something most start up craft business cannot afford. 

If like me your product is non-perishable you need to get your product out there online to a worldwide audience, “make sales while you sleep”. 

You have two main options: Build your own website or Selling on an established handmade crafts website

 such as Etsy, Artfire or I made it myself. I will pass on the knowledge I have picked up along the way later about: 

Photography) How to take professional looking photos at little or no cost to your business that will make a huge difference and may get you a featured listing. 

Listing your first product) How to write a killer adds that work on Etsy or Artfire for example and Google search Tag words) What you need to do when tagging your listings to have the best chance to be found in searches and way more!

Let’s talk about Selling on an established handmade craft sellers website.


I have used them all over the years believe me. One site we all know and use is eBay, nothing wrong with it but sales only account for about 2% of my monthly turnover, it’s not the right market place for handmade crafts. Most people who use eBay are looking for bargains items to make offers or bids on. I use eBay mainly to get my product seen, most people who find my products on eBay are curious to find out more about us, so they Google me and find my webpage and usually buy directly from there.

With so many web platforms out there to start selling from, surly you will come across and try them all over time, “what may not work for some may work for others”. I want to point you in the right direction to a website called Etsy. Etsy is a website that sell mainly handmade goods, it makes up for about 60% of my monthly sales, without Etsy I do not think I would survive. It’s very easy to utilize their seller’s platform and there is plenty of support both from Etsy themselves and the Etsy community I can’t possibly complement these people enough.

When you’re in business for yourself, you need to be constantly learning, evolving experimenting, have no fear and take steps into the unknown

If you don’t try, it’s obvious, you can’t fail. If you embrace the fear and do try, guess what? you will still have failures. But each time you fail you will have learned something more. You might take a step back, but you’ll take two steps forward.

Good luck on your venture it will be fascinating, thrilling, exhausting sometimes even boring, but hey stick with it and it will be a life-changing journey. I already know you must be focused and have your mind set on you succeeding, otherwise you would not have read this far. If you are smart about what you do and how you do it, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, your chances are success are certainly high.

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