Hematite ring, none magnetic Irish Hematite rings for men and women,

€ 160.00

Size Width(mm)

Hematite ring handcrafted from non magnetic Irish Hematite Mined from Tynagh Mine, Killimor, Co. Galway, Ireland. Our Handmade Irish jewelry rings would be a perfect surprise anniversary gift for Mom or Dad or a unique valentines gift for that special someone in life. One of a kind gift ideas for men and women.

Custom ring width: 0.8 - 1.2 cm only
Ring thickness: 0.2 cm Approx.
The ring in the photo is at 1.0 cm wide.

Mined from Tynagh Mine, Killimor, Co. Galway, Ireland. 
The Tynagh mine close in 1982.

*****NB: It is important for you to be professionally sized before you purchase a ring as a stainless steel ring cannot be resized.

When being sized for a ring it is important to remember the WIDTH of the ring will be a major factor in determining the size of the ring you require. Be sure to get sized with the appropriate width of ring you are considering purchasing from us. 

Each ring is individually handcrafted by us so please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping we do provide rush orders when possible but please email me first to check availability*****.