Irish coin ring, deer antler ring featuring a limited edition Irish silver coin

€ 230.00

Size Width(mm)

.925 sterling silver Irish coin wedding rings, featuring the iconic limited edition proof Ha’ Penny bridge coin and Irish red deer antler. There are only 4000 of these coins minted so stocks will most definitely not last, these rings are limited and truly unique.

These coins are LIMITED EDITION. Each ring will come with the original unique certificate which came with the coin when issued from the Dublin mint office, Central bank of Ireland.

Custom ring width. 8mm - 14mm
The ring in the photo listing is 1.0 cm wide
Each ring is approx 2mm thickness

Red deer are Ireland’s largest and only native species to Ireland. They are said to have inhabited Ireland since the end of the last Ice Age (c. 10,000 BC) they roamed freely throughout Ireland, unfortunately as for so much of Ireland's flora and fauna as a result of deforestation, over hunting and the Great Famine (1845 - 1847) many Red deer populations became extinct. The Stag Horn I have use in designing these rings was found in April 2012 deep in the Kerry mountains where after the deer rutting season a stag had shed, or cast, his antlers. Red Stag deer shed or cast their antlers every year in this way.

NB: It is important for you to be professionally sized before you purchase a ring because our coin rings cannot be resized. The WIDTH of the ring you decide to purchase will determine the size of the ring you need so please take this into consideration when being fitted. 

NB: These rings are unique and individually handmade for you, they are expensive to make, so if it occurs that a ring is purchased, and the INCORRECT SIZE has been ordered we will replace the ring but there will be a fee of at least half the original cost.  **IF YOU DO NOT AGREE OUR POLICY ON THIS, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASES THIS STYLE OF RING FROM US TODAY**

Each ring is individually handcrafted by us so please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping we do provide rush orders when possible but please email me first to check availability*****.