Turquoise wedding band engagement rings Silver half dollar coin ring

€ 140.00

Size Width(mm)

Silver American half dollar coin wedding and engagement rings with Turquoise inlay. Eco earth friendly rings made from recycled, reclaimed sustainable products.


As nature would have it each ring will differ slightly as stone we use has its own unique colour and characteristics.

**** If placing an order for 2 rings of the same design please note there is no option to select the size or width of the second ring, not to worry you can leave a note on the checkout form of the sizes you need****

All rings are shipped to the exact size ordered so be sure to be professionally fitted before placing an order, when being fitted be sure to take into consideration the width of the ring you may be ordering.
We do accept returns for exchange for incorrect sizes that may be ordered, however rings cannot be resized so we have to make a complete new ring, because of this we do ask a very small additional fee just to cover shipping and taxes that we have to pay for the supply of a replacement ring.